About Me

G’day! I’m Vikki Siliato, an AIPP accredited professional photographer.

My passion is wedding photography. I love capturing the story behind the romance, encapsulating the joy of the bride and groom and delivering rich, vivid photographic memories of the day for you to cherish forever.

I find inspiration in capturing genuine moments that would otherwise have passed you by in the warp-speed that is your wedding day. For me, the most important part of photography is to make you feel something when you look at your photos.  To be transported back to that very moment and every tiny detail and emotion comes flooding back to you.

I come from a graphic design background where my creativity evolved from on-screen to behind the lens.  I’m a self-professed Photoshop guru and it shows in my processing.  I always aim for timeless, classic edits so in years to come you can look back on your special day knowing they won’t look dated or ‘out of style’.

Whether you’re looking for traditional photography or something a little more artistic, I’ll work with you to make it all happen.

I really look forward to meeting and hopefully working with you!